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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The day you were born...

It was 30 years ago today that you were born.  You were actually about 5 weeks early, and although I had planned to quit working and stay home with you - because you were early, I was still at work when I went into labor with you.  They had hired a new girl and it was my first day training her.  It was during that first day of training that I began "cramping".  Having never experienced labor before, I went all day long, not knowing what it was.  Back in those days, grandma Pat and your dad and I all worked at the same place in Columbus, and carpooled back and forth to Newark.  It was during the ride home that day that I told grandma about my cramping.  She started asking questions about it, how often, how far apart, etc.  And so we began to watch the clock - timing the pains.  It was then that we realized I was in labor.  You were born at 12:10am the morning the following day.  You weighed 6lbs 6oz. and was 19 3/4" long. 

(That poor girl at work only got 1 day training!)

This picture is the hospital picture from LMH in Newark.  It was taken when you were 2 or 3 days old.

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