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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hail Storm in DC

We walked downtown and saw the White House, then worked our way back towards the Washington Monument when we noticed the sky turning dark.  Within minutes, we were being pelted with pea-sized hail and trying to get our rain coats and ponchos out of our back packs and on the kids with the high winds and hail - was a job!  Luckily the hail only lasted a few minutes, and by the time we got the ponchos on the kids, it had changed to just a light rain. 

...can you see the rain coming down in this picture (above)?  When I took this, I was afraid that this might be as close as we would get to the Lincoln Memorial (if the rain continued).  Luckily the rain didn't last and we were able to come back later that afternoon (after we changed into dry clothes!)

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